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  • 1845 Monarch Cir Loveland CO-large-005-12-Monarch Cir5-1498x1000-72dpi
  • 1845 Monarch Cir Loveland CO-large-003-13-Monarch Cir3-1499x1000-72dpi
  • 1845 Monarch Cir Loveland CO-large-022-10-Monarch Cir21-1498x1000-72dpi
  • 1845 Monarch Cir Loveland CO-large-023-23-Monarch Cir22-1498x1000-72dpi
  • 1845 Monarch Cir Loveland CO-large-024-22-Monarch Cir23-1498x1000-72dpi
  • 1845 Monarch Cir Loveland CO-large-027-33-Monarch Cir26-1498x1000-72dpi
  • 1845 Monarch Cir Loveland CO-large-029-44-Monarch Cir28-1498x1000-72dpi
  • 1845 Monarch Cir Loveland CO-large-028-39-Monarch Cir27-1498x1000-72dpi
  • 1845 Monarch Cir Loveland CO-large-030-45-Monarch Cir29-1498x1000-72dpi
  • 1845 Monarch Cir Loveland CO-large-032-24-Monarch Cir31-1499x1000-72dpi
  • 1845 Monarch Cir Loveland CO-large-035-21-Monarch Cir34-1499x1000-72dpi
  • 1845 Monarch Cir Loveland CO-large-036-17-Monarch Cir35-1499x1000-72dpi
  • 1845 Monarch Cir Loveland CO-large-037-25-Monarch Cir36-1498x1000-72dpi
  • 1845 Monarch Cir Loveland CO-large-034-36-Monarch Cir33-1498x1000-72dpi
  • 1845 Monarch Cir Loveland CO-large-039-54-Monarch Cir38-1498x1000-72dpi
  • 1845 Monarch Cir Loveland CO-large-041-4-Monarch Cir40-1498x1000-72dpi
  • 1845 Monarch Cir Loveland CO-large-040-32-Monarch Cir39-1498x1000-72dpi
  • 1845 Monarch Cir Loveland CO-large-042-37-Monarch Cir41-1498x1000-72dpi
  • 1845 Monarch Cir Loveland CO-large-044-15-Monarch Cir43-1498x1000-72dpi
  • 1845 Monarch Cir Loveland CO-large-045-2-Monarch Cir44-1494x1000-72dpi
  • 1845 Monarch Cir Loveland CO-large-043-55-Monarch Cir42-1498x1000-72dpi
  • 1845 Monarch Cir Loveland CO-large-048-57-Monarch Cir47-1498x1000-72dpi
  • 1845 Monarch Cir Loveland CO-large-046-31-Monarch Cir45-1498x1000-72dpi
  • 1845 Monarch Cir Loveland CO-large-049-56-Monarch Cir48-1498x1000-72dpi
  • 1845 Monarch Cir Loveland CO-large-050-48-Monarch Cir49-1499x1000-72dpi
  • 1845 Monarch Cir Loveland CO-large-051-26-Monarch Cir50-1498x1000-72dpi
  • 1845 Monarch Cir Loveland CO-large-052-38-Monarch Cir51-1498x1000-72dpi
  • 1845 Monarch Cir Loveland CO-large-054-14-Monarch Cir53-1498x1000-72dpi
  • 1845 Monarch Cir Loveland CO-large-055-46-Monarch Cir54-1499x1000-72dpi
  • 1845 Monarch Cir Loveland CO-large-053-42-Monarch Cir52-1498x1000-72dpi
  • 1845 Monarch Cir Loveland CO-large-060-47-Monarch Cir56-1498x1000-72dpi
  • 1845 Monarch Cir Loveland CO-large-010-11-Monarch Cir10-668x1000-72dpi
  • 1845 Monarch Cir Loveland CO-large-009-29-Monarch Cir9-1498x1000-72dpi
  • 1845 Monarch Cir Loveland CO-large-012-19-Monarch Cir12-1498x1000-72dpi
  • 1845 Monarch Cir Loveland CO-large-013-5-Monarch Cir13-1498x1000-72dpi
  • 1845 Monarch Cir Loveland CO-large-014-28-Monarch Cir14-1498x1000-72dpi
  • 1845 Monarch Cir Loveland CO-large-016-62-Monarch Cir62-1498x1000-72dpi
  • 1845 Monarch Cir Loveland CO-large-019-51-Monarch Cir20-1498x1000-72dpi
  • 1845 Monarch Cir Loveland CO-large-018-43-Monarch Cir19-1498x1000-72dpi
  • 1845 Monarch Cir Loveland CO-large-017-50-Monarch Cir16-1498x1000-72dpi
  • 1845 Monarch Cir Loveland CO-large-008-8-Monarch Cir8-1498x1000-72dpi
  • 1845 Monarch Cir Loveland CO-large-007-53-Monarch Cir7-1498x1000-72dpi
  • 1845 Monarch Cir Loveland CO-large-006-16-Monarch Cir6-1499x1000-72dpi
Monday, 30 July 2018 / Published in My LIstings

The Discovery House

Welcome home to the Discovery House! Built in 2003 by McStain homes to set the standard for energy efficient construction, boasting the highest energy rating by Colorado Green Built. Brazilian cherry hardwood floors, concrete counters, stainless appliances, metal roof with solar water heating panels, radiant floor heating in basement, indoor & outdoor fireplaces. Too many custom upgrades to list! Located in the highly coveted High Plains Village subdivision close to I25, Centerra, and shopping centers.

This Home has 4 Bedrooms 4 Bathrooms and is 3,422 Square Feet. Listed at $535,000.00

MLS #857800

Indoor Features:

  • Concrete counters throughout
  • Stainless appliances
  • Brazilian cherry hardwood floors/stairs
  • Built in AV wiring for surround sound
  • Built in shelves TV shelves in the living room
  • Central vacuum
  • Custom crown mounted lighting throughout.
  • Radiant floors in master bathroom
  • Radiant concrete floors in 6-inch concrete slab in basement help to heat the home.
  • Whole house fans to cool the home
  • Windows under heavy exterior shade to cool the home
  • New paint
  • New carpet
  • Vaulted ceilings
  • Second story windows open and close with the flip of a switch
  • Windows at the top of the den open automatically with temperature setting
  • Motion detector lights and faucets
  • Dual flush toilets
  • Basement home theatre with Bose speakers


Exterior Features:

  • Metal roof with expected 50 year lifespan
  • Board and bat siding
  • Composite deck off the kitchen/master bedroom
  • Retractable awning on the deck
  • Large outdoor flagstone patio with gas fireplace
  • Dog run
  • Custom fence
  • Very small grass area to maintain
  • Attic cupola for ventilation
  • Timber columns on front porch
  • Drought resistant plants with customized irrigation system
  • Exterior garage lights are controlled by light sensor

Garage Features:

  • Heated Garage
  • Epoxy Floors
  • Fully finished- textured and painted
  • Garage-automatic car exhaust fan cleans air in garage when you park


Energy Efficiency Features:

  • Meets Standards for American Lung Association Health House Program
  • Solar water heating panels provide energy for the homes heating and hot water
  • Low VOC paints, finishes and furnishings
  • Received the highest energy efficient score ever tallied in Colorado Built Green’s rating system. Score of 458
  • Energy bills roughly 70% lower than similar homes built of its’ size
  • See National Renewable Energy Laboratory Study (Click Here)
  • 3455 Rhea Dr Loveland CO 80537-large-003-8-Rhea Dr3-1500x999-72dpi
  • 3455 Rhea Dr Loveland CO 80537-large-001-1-Rhea Dr1-1500x999-72dpi
  • 3455 Rhea Dr Loveland CO 80537-large-002-9-Rhea Dr2-1500x999-72dpi
  • 3455 Rhea Dr Loveland CO 80537-large-006-6-Rhea Dr6-1500x1000-72dpi
  • 3455 Rhea Dr Loveland CO 80537-large-007-17-Rhea Dr7-1500x999-72dpi
  • 3455 Rhea Dr Loveland CO 80537-large-008-14-Rhea Dr8-1500x999-72dpi
  • 3455 Rhea Dr Loveland CO 80537-large-009-7-Rhea Dr9-1500x999-72dpi
  • 3455 Rhea Dr Loveland CO 80537-large-010-2-Rhea Dr10-1500x999-72dpi
  • 3455 Rhea Dr Loveland CO 80537-large-011-13-Rhea Dr11-1500x999-72dpi
  • 3455 Rhea Dr Loveland CO 80537-large-012-21-Rhea Dr12-1500x999-72dpi
  • 3455 Rhea Dr Loveland CO 80537-large-013-16-Rhea Dr13-1500x999-72dpi
  • 3455 Rhea Dr Loveland CO 80537-large-014-10-Rhea Dr14-1500x999-72dpi
  • 3455 Rhea Dr Loveland CO 80537-large-015-18-Rhea Dr15-1500x999-72dpi
  • 3455 Rhea Dr Loveland CO 80537-large-016-12-Rhea Dr16-1500x999-72dpi
  • 3455 Rhea Dr Loveland CO 80537-large-017-5-Rhea Dr17-1500x999-72dpi
  • 3455 Rhea Dr Loveland CO 80537-large-018-23-Rhea Dr18-1500x999-72dpi
  • 3455 Rhea Dr Loveland CO 80537-large-019-19-Rhea Dr19-1500x999-72dpi
  • 3455 Rhea Dr Loveland CO 80537-large-020-20-Rhea Dr20-1500x999-72dpi
  • 3455 Rhea Dr Loveland CO 80537-large-021-3-Rhea Dr21-667x1000-72dpi
  • 3455 Rhea Dr Loveland CO 80537-large-022-22-Rhea Dr22-1500x999-72dpi
  • 3455 Rhea Dr Loveland CO 80537-large-023-15-Rhea Dr23-1500x999-72dpi
  • 3455 Rhea Dr Loveland CO 80537-large-005-11-Rhea Dr5-1500x999-72dpi
  • 3455 Rhea Dr Loveland CO 80537-large-004-4-Rhea Dr4-1500x1000-72dpi
Friday, 06 April 2018 / Published in My LIstings

Enjoy living in the heart of Loveland, just minutes from shopping, restaurants and I25. This 3 yr old town home shines with pride of ownership and has been immaculately maintained. Packed with custom upgrades including upgraded carpet, granite counters, alder kitchen cabinets, hardwood floors and stainless steel appliances. Enjoy time outside on an over-sized covered patio. Easy access to luxury and relaxation, right across the street from the clubhouse and swimming pool.

Open House Sat 4/7 12-3pm. 

This home has 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and is 2,682 square feet. Listed for $310,000



  • 1255Monroe-LARGE-34
  • 1255Monroe-LARGE-35
  • 1255Monroe-LARGE-33
  • 1255Monroe-LARGE-40
  • 1255Monroe-LARGE-6
  • 1255Monroe-LARGE-5
  • 1255Monroe-LARGE-7
  • 1255Monroe-LARGE-4
  • 1255Monroe-LARGE-3
  • 1255Monroe-LARGE-1
  • 1255Monroe-LARGE-2
  • 1255Monroe-LARGE-8
  • 1255Monroe-LARGE-9
  • 1255Monroe-LARGE-13
  • 1255Monroe-LARGE-14
  • 1255Monroe-LARGE-15
  • 1255Monroe-LARGE-16
  • 1255Monroe-LARGE-17
  • 1255Monroe-LARGE-18
  • 1255Monroe-LARGE-19
  • 1255Monroe-LARGE-10
  • 1255Monroe-LARGE-11
  • 1255Monroe-LARGE-12
  • 1255Monroe-LARGE-20
  • 1255Monroe-LARGE-21
  • 1255Monroe-LARGE-22
  • 1255Monroe-LARGE-23
  • 1255Monroe-LARGE-24
  • 1255Monroe-LARGE-27
  • 1255Monroe-LARGE-25
  • 1255Monroe-LARGE-28
  • 1255Monroe-LARGE-26
  • 1255Monroe-LARGE-36
  • 1255Monroe-LARGE-37
  • 1255Monroe-LARGE-39
  • 1255Monroe-LARGE-29
  • 1255Monroe-LARGE-30
  • 1255Monroe-LARGE-32
  • 1255Monroe-LARGE-38
  • 1255Monroe-LARGE-31
Wednesday, 21 February 2018 / Published in My LIstings

Brand new listing! Charming 4 BR/2 BA bungalow close to I25, Centerra. and Downtown Loveland. This early 1900’s home has preserved much of it’s original craftsmanship maintaining it’s charm. Updated kitchen and laminate floors on the main level. Home sits on corner lot w/ fully fenced yard. A perfect starter home or excellent investment opportunity. Oversized 1 car garage w/ potential to fit two cars or use for storage. 1 yr. buyer’s home warranty included.

This home has 4 bedrooms 2 bathrooms, and is 1,719 SqFt. Listed for $310,000.


Friday, 29 December 2017 / Published in What's Up With Real Estate Show

How much is my home worth? More importantly, what is the best method of determining this? What are some of the misconceptions about a home’s value? In episode 7, I will be answering this very important question that I get from my real estate clients.

There is only one way to determine the true value of your home, or any home for that matter. Make sure your Realtor, or real estate agents knows this and communicates this to you, or they do not pass the test of being a true real estate professional.

A big shout out to everybody serving in the United States of America armed forces/military. Thank you for your service. Please be sure to Remember Everyone Deployed on RED Friday.

  • 6219 Eagle Ridge Ct_SMALL-65
  • 6219 Eagle Ridge Ct_SMALL-66
  • 6219 Eagle Ridge Ct_SMALL-63
  • 6219 Eagle Ridge Ct_SMALL-75
  • 6219 Eagle Ridge Ct_SMALL-68
  • 6219 Eagle Ridge Ct_SMALL-70
  • 6219 Eagle Ridge Ct_SMALL-71
  • 6219 Eagle Ridge Ct_SMALL-64
  • 6219 Eagle Ridge Ct_SMALL-54
  • 6219 Eagle Ridge Ct_SMALL-9
  • 6219 Eagle Ridge Ct_SMALL-74
  • 6219 Eagle Ridge Ct_SMALL-72
  • 6219 Eagle Ridge Ct_SMALL-67
  • 6219 Eagle Ridge Ct_SMALL-56
  • 6219 Eagle Ridge Ct_SMALL-55
  • 6219 Eagle Ridge Ct_SMALL-41
  • 6219 Eagle Ridge Ct_SMALL-30
  • 6219 Eagle Ridge Ct_SMALL-28
  • 6219 Eagle Ridge Ct_SMALL-34
  • 6219 Eagle Ridge Ct_SMALL-32
  • 6219 Eagle Ridge Ct_SMALL-36
  • 6219 Eagle Ridge Ct_SMALL-33
  • 6219 Eagle Ridge Ct_SMALL-7
  • 6219 Eagle Ridge Ct_SMALL-57
  • 6219 Eagle Ridge Ct_SMALL-8
  • 6219 Eagle Ridge Ct_SMALL-49
  • 6219 Eagle Ridge Ct_SMALL-46
  • 6219 Eagle Ridge Ct_SMALL-47
  • 6219 Eagle Ridge Ct_SMALL-6
  • 6219 Eagle Ridge Ct_SMALL-45
  • 6219 Eagle Ridge Ct_SMALL-44
  • 6219 Eagle Ridge Ct_SMALL-43
  • 6219 Eagle Ridge Ct_SMALL-48
  • 6219 Eagle Ridge Ct_SMALL-42
  • 6219 Eagle Ridge Ct_SMALL-4
  • 6219 Eagle Ridge Ct_SMALL-40
  • 6219 Eagle Ridge Ct_SMALL-35
  • 6219 Eagle Ridge Ct_SMALL-29
  • 6219 Eagle Ridge Ct_SMALL-26
  • 6219 Eagle Ridge Ct_SMALL-27
  • 6219 Eagle Ridge Ct_SMALL-14
  • 6219 Eagle Ridge Ct_SMALL-24
  • 6219 Eagle Ridge Ct_SMALL-21
  • 6219 Eagle Ridge Ct_SMALL-23
  • 6219 Eagle Ridge Ct_SMALL-22
  • 6219 Eagle Ridge Ct_SMALL-25
  • 6219 Eagle Ridge Ct_SMALL-19
  • 6219 Eagle Ridge Ct_SMALL-20
  • 6219 Eagle Ridge Ct_SMALL-16
  • 6219 Eagle Ridge Ct_SMALL-15
  • 6219 Eagle Ridge Ct_SMALL-3
  • 6219 Eagle Ridge Ct_SMALL-10
  • 6219 Eagle Ridge Ct_SMALL-11
  • 6219 Eagle Ridge Ct_SMALL-60
  • 6219 Eagle Ridge Ct_SMALL-58
  • 6219 Eagle Ridge Ct_SMALL-17
  • 6219 Eagle Ridge Ct_SMALL-18
Friday, 15 December 2017 / Published in Open House

Stop by and visit this luxury home in southeast Ft. Collins. Pre-Inspected w/ 1 Year Home Warranty. Million Dollar unobstructed valley, stream & Rocky Mountain Views. Home is located on one of the best lots in Fort Collins. Over 4000 finished sq. ft., finished walk-out basement, upgraded gourmet kitchen, 5 beds, 4 baths & an oversized 3 car south facing garage. Poudre Schools & in desirable Paragon Point featuring pool, tennis, basketball, trails & near golf, shopping & dining. Call for a list of features or to show.

Make sure to pick up your box of chocolate covered cherries, and check out my holiday Santa suit!

Here are the directions to this incredible luxury home:

Thursday, 07 December 2017 / Published in In The News

Very excited to be one of Jon Holsten’s first guests on the TopNotch Agents Podcast. This is also my first appearance on a real estate podcast since becoming a licensed real estate professional.

Larry Kendall with The Group INC and Eric Thompson with Windermere are tough acts to follow!

If you ever need to hire a real estate professional and don’t like me, check out Jon and what he is up to. He is good people. Not only is he one of the country’s top agents, he is also a father, man of faith, community leader and former Fort Collins Police Services officer.

Thursday, 07 December 2017 / Published in What's Up With Real Estate Show

Are you thinking of selling your home? Are you frustrated with real estate agents charging you 6 or 7% to sell your home, and not receiving value for that money you paid them? Have you asked the question, how do I for sale by owner? How do I save on real estate commission? How do I hire a discount real estate agent? Why do Realtors make so much money?

These are all fair questions because there is much truth that lies in the foundation of all these questions. 95% of real estate agents and Realtors do not earn their 6% or 7%. They do not provide more value to you than the money you pay them. 5% do and are worth every penny. If you have had a bad experience with an agent, this video is for you. If you love paying the 6 and 7% this video is also for you.

Selling your home for sale by owner is like doing your own root canal to save paying the dentist $1,000. Probably not a good idea, but if you are going to do it, you should at least watch an amazing and detailed how to tutorial video on You Tube first.

Tune into episode 5 of the What’s Up With Real Estate Show where I will give you an amazing and detailed how to video tutorial. I will show you every single step of how to sell your home for sale by owner. That’s right I will show you how to do it yourself and save thousands of dollars. I will also encourage you take a few suggestions to make sure you and your home stay relevant and are taken seriously in the real estate market. I will also explain when and why it makes 100% sense to pay the money to sell your home and hire a real estate professional.

Heck, I may even attempt to do my own root canal on the show. Only one way to find out. Tune in and watch…….

  • 612 E Pitkin82017_LARGE
  • 612 E Pitkin52017_LARGE
  • 612 E Pitkin42017_LARGE
  • 612 E Pitkin62017_LARGE
  • 612 E Pitkin72017_LARGE
  • 612 E Pitkin32017_LARGE
  • 612 E Pitkin22017_LARGE
  • 612 E Pitkin12017_LARGE
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  • CSU stadium52017_LARGE
  • CSU stadium42017_LARGE
  • CSU stadium32017_LARGE
  • CSU stadium12017_LARGE
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  • PitkinReshoot-SMALL-55
  • PitkinReshoot-SMALL-53
  • PitkinReshoot-SMALL-52
  • PitkinReshoot-SMALL-51
  • PitkinReshoot-SMALL-50
  • PitkinReshoot-SMALL-46
  • PitkinReshoot-SMALL-47
  • PitkinReshoot-SMALL-48
  • PitkinReshoot-SMALL-49
  • PitkinReshoot-SMALL-45
  • PitkinReshoot-SMALL-44
  • PitkinReshoot-SMALL-43
  • PitkinReshoot-SMALL-42
  • PitkinReshoot-SMALL-38
  • PitkinReshoot-SMALL-39
  • PitkinReshoot-SMALL-40
  • PitkinReshoot-SMALL-41
  • PitkinReshoot-SMALL-37
  • PitkinReshoot-SMALL-36
  • PitkinReshoot-SMALL-35
  • PitkinReshoot-SMALL-34
  • PitkinReshoot-SMALL-30
  • PitkinReshoot-SMALL-31
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  • PitkinReshoot-SMALL-20
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  • PitkinReshoot-SMALL-18
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  • PitkinReshoot-SMALL-16
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  • PitkinReshoot-SMALL-3
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  • PitkinReshoot-details-ext-SMALL-39
  • PitkinReshoot-details-ext-SMALL-40
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  • PitkinReshoot-details-ext-SMALL-36
  • PitkinReshoot-details-ext-SMALL-35
  • PitkinReshoot-details-ext-SMALL-34
  • PitkinReshoot-details-ext-SMALL-30
  • PitkinReshoot-details-ext-SMALL-31
  • PitkinReshoot-details-ext-SMALL-32
  • PitkinReshoot-details-ext-SMALL-33
  • PitkinReshoot-details-ext-SMALL-29
  • PitkinReshoot-details-ext-SMALL-28
  • PitkinReshoot-details-ext-SMALL-27
  • PitkinReshoot-details-ext-SMALL-26
  • PitkinReshoot-details-ext-SMALL-22
  • PitkinReshoot-details-ext-SMALL-23
  • PitkinReshoot-details-ext-SMALL-24
  • PitkinReshoot-details-ext-SMALL-25
  • PitkinReshoot-details-ext-SMALL-21
  • PitkinReshoot-details-ext-SMALL-20
  • PitkinReshoot-details-ext-SMALL-19
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  • PitkinReshoot-details-ext-SMALL-11
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  • PitkinReshoot-details-ext-SMALL-8
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  • PitkinReshoot-details-ext-SMALL-2
Sunday, 19 November 2017 / Published in Open House

Today, I will be hosting an open house listed by John Simmons at this completely newly built Old Town Fort Collins home. This home is luxury. This home is pristine. This home is unique. This home can be yours! Stop by to say hello today, Sunday, November 19, 2017, from 12:00 noon to 3:00 p.m. Anyone who stops by gets a Thanksgiving pumpkin pie!  Bring your family, bring your friends. See you soon.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own this custom, new build home in Old Town, Fort Collins. Double lot w/4 car garage/shop & carriage house w/side parking. Primary residence boasts high end finishes inside & out, engineered acoustic & vaulted ceiling, hardwood floors, SS appliances. Master suite, spacious laundry, exec office, separate access to attached work space & more. Call for a list of home features, floor plan or to show. Pre-Inspected w/warranty.

Click here to see this home’s custom marketing brochure.

  • 1597CPelicanLakesPt-SMALL-22
  • 1597CPelicanLakesPt-SMALL-23
  • 1597CPelicanLakesPt-SMALL-19
  • 1597CPelicanLakesPt-SMALL-20
  • 1597CPelicanLakesPt-SMALL-21
  • 1597CPelicanLakesPt-SMALL-9
  • 1597CPelicanLakesPt-SMALL-10
  • 1597CPelicanLakesPt-SMALL-11
  • 1597CPelicanLakesPt-SMALL-7
  • 1597CPelicanLakesPt-SMALL-3
  • 1597CPelicanLakesPt-SMALL-5
  • 1597CPelicanLakesPt-SMALL-4
  • 1597CPelicanLakesPt-SMALL-2
  • 1597CPelicanLakesPt-SMALL-6
  • 1597CPelicanLakesPt-SMALL-13
  • 1597CPelicanLakesPt-SMALL-14
  • 1597CPelicanLakesPt-SMALL-8
  • 1597CPelicanLakesPt-SMALL-17
  • 1597CPelicanLakesPt-SMALL-16
  • 1597CPelicanLakesPt-SMALL-1
  • 1597CPelicanLakesPt-SMALL-18
  • 1597CPelicanLakesPt-SMALL-12
  • 1597CPelicanLakesPt-SMALL-15
  • 1597CPelicanLakesPt-SMALL-25
  • 1597CPelicanLakesPt-SMALL-27
  • 1597CPelicanLakesPt-SMALL-30
  • 1597CPelicanLakesPt-SMALL-31
  • 1597CPelicanLakesPt-SMALL-24
  • 1597CPelicanLakesPt-SMALL-28
  • 1597CPelicanLakesPt-SMALL-26
  • 1597CPelicanLakesPt-SMALL-32
  • 1597CPelicanLakesPt-SMALL-29
Friday, 17 November 2017 / Published in Sold Homes

“Matt is simply the Realtor you NEED to use. Not only is Matt friendly, knowledgeable, and positive, but he works harder than anyone I know. He provides valuable insight while not being pushy or salesy and listens to what you want. He will be my realtor now and forever. Call Him!” Marc S.- Another Happy Client.

Visit Water Valley to discover golfing, beaches, private lakes, clubhouse, playground and walking trails. Then, see this 2nd story 2 bed, 2 bath freshly renovated condo with home warranty. It features new paint, new crown molding, new hardwood floors, new granite counters, stainless steel appliances, 42″ kitchen cabinets, and a gas fireplace. Master bedroom boasts lake views, walk-in closet and 5-piece master bath. Deck with lake views. Oversized 2 car garage w/ large attached storage closet. This home sold for $350,000 in April of 2017.

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Wednesday, 15 November 2017 / Published in My LIstings

Bring the family to this beautiful executive home on 1.13 acres with community pool, tennis courts, and hiking trails. Eat-in custom granite kitchen w/ 2 full-sized convection ovens, induction cooktop, and wine bar w/dual-temp fridge. Master suite w/deck,18×6′ closet, radiant floor heat & dual-head steam shower. Walk-out basement w/large rec room and putting green. Close to $200K of upgrades/updates. Home pre-inspected w/1 yr warranty

meet matt shoup

Matt Shoup, Realtor (Se atiende en español)
Residential and Commercial
C3 Real Estate Solutions
2720 Council Tree Ave. #178
Fort Collins, CO 80525

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