Friday, 27 October 2017 / Published in What's Up With Real Estate Show
Matt Shoup Real Estate

After 25 years of being an entrepreneur, investor, and sales professional at heart, I decided to get my real estate license in October of 2016. Today marks my one-year anniversary of being licensed. Now I am celebrating my first official year, not only as a real estate agent, but a Realtor. As I think back on this opportunity, I reflect on these questions:

“Why did you get into real estate,” and, “why do you do real estate?” The answer: to inspire others to create and live an amazing life, by understanding and using real estate as a vehicle.

In 2003, I graduated Colorado State University, with two bachelor’s degrees, a passion for entrepreneurship, business and sales, and an amazing woman I was madly in love with and knew I was going to marry (she just didn’t know it yet). I also graduated with one more thing, close to $200,000 of debt, and no financial blueprint for success!


Friday, 14 April 2017 / Published in What's Up With Real Estate Show
Matt Shoup Real Estate

Why should I hire a real estate agent? What is the difference between a Real Estate Agent and a Realtor? Why should I hire a Realtor? Why Pay a Realtor 6% commission? How much is my home worth?  Should I hire a discount broker? What is the Northern Colorado real estate market doing? How do I buy my first home? When should I buy my first home? How do I purchase an investment property?

These are just some of the questions I receive from real estate clients, friends, family and the Northern Colorado community.  These questions along with many more will be answered in my What’s Up With Real Estate Blog.  Tune in weekly to check out what is happening with the Northern Colorado real estate market, as well as why you should always hire a real estate professional. I will always keep the “Real” in Realtor!


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